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Horror Posts

The Snow

The Snow was supposed to stop like it always had for a brief time but something was different and it was coming back in the months it shouldn’t. Little did they know that snow in the middle of July spelt the end of the world as they knew it. It was global warming this, global…

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The Depths

It was common knowledge that the deepest part of the ocean had something hiding in its depth but little did people know that the moment you could no longer see the bottom of a body of water that they were in the same danger. Legends of the Sirens, the mermaids, the less ‘pretty’ legends of…

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Fantasy Posts

Just A Drop

I followed that echo, I thought I still heard it as I ran through the streets, and maybe I had but that didn’t seem reasonable. I thought I had kept  up on exercise from when everyone disappeared but this seemed to say otherwise. Each block seemed so large. Each step felt like ten, I could…

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A Single Scream

I lived in a populated city, well I had lived in a populated city, one day everything just stopped and I didn’t know what to do. I looked around for signs of life but everything had ceased. There were no honking cars, no people yelling, no sounds of construction, and no animals. Even the rats…

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Video Game Writing

The Infection of Nessus: Destiny 2

So to start this off I wanted something that felt like the successor to Rise of Iron, obviously I don’t have all the dialogue because I don’t have ALL of what happens in the missions planned out. Intro: Failsafe’s systems went red. “Oh no. I need to contact the guardian.” “We better, something has finally…

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Exo Annihilation Protocol Outline: Destiny 2

Again a preface to this, written pre Beyond Light DLC, this is unfinished and goes along with my other post! Intro Cutscene (Ana and Elsie- Exo stranger talking) First mission: Further into the Bray: Guardian helps them eliminate hive deep in the Clovis bray facility. Use the code from Elsie to unlock Exo data.  (20…

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Published Stuff!

I self published my first novel!

Oh boy this has been a LONG time coming and its not how I originally wanted to do it but, oh well I guess!! The Stolen Book is readily available on Amazon as a Kindle Ebook, I am currently working on making the cover for the paper back near perfect, the first proofs come on…

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