I self published my first novel!

Oh boy this has been a LONG time coming and its not how I originally wanted to do it but, oh well I guess!! The Stolen Book is readily available on Amazon as a Kindle Ebook, I am currently working on making the cover for the paper back near perfect, the first proofs come on 10/26/21 so after that I should have it up and ready! (Hopefully!)

Book cover and description below!

Two best friends, Blake and Kira, unlock an ancient book which gives them powers and simultaneously throws them into a magical conflict that they had no idea existed. The Sentinel Order helps protect the world from monsters, one of the branch leaders, Akoura, takes Blake and Kira in to train them. Demons from other worlds, creatures from myth, Gods and Goddesses all collide around these two teen best friends. They learn more about themselves, their magical powers, and their friends as they learn to fight. Join them at the start of their journey!

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