A Single Scream

I lived in a populated city, well I had lived in a populated city, one day everything just stopped and I didn’t know what to do. I looked around for signs of life but everything had ceased. There were no honking cars, no people yelling, no sounds of construction, and no animals. Even the rats were gone which had really thrown me off. I was alone and I used that to my fullest advantage after I got over my nerves. All the horror movies I had watched made me too scared to go out at night even though the city was still lit up. 

I had electricity, running water, and an empty city to galvant in. Once I got over my fears of everyone coming back I felt like a king. I had the biggest penthouse, It took a while to clear off some of the roads. All of the cars that seemed to have been on the move had all come to a stop and been turned off. Everyone had seemed to have just vanished. I moved all of the fastest and prettiest looking cars to the garage under the penthouse. When one ran out of gas from my joyriding in the city I would just park it and find a new one that I liked. 

I had been trying to find an active news station the entire time but nothing was active, no local, no international, and no reruns of old news broadcasts. All the TV shows that were on had no new episodes, only reruns but the TV worked so that was a solace. I could do anything I wanted to, I still held some self respect so I didn’t streak all over the city. I was still concerned that this was some sort of sick experiment on me and I didn’t want to fail it if that was possible. I was already doing “bad” things that I never would have experienced. 

Having no concept of time was nice, I mainly just got up with the sun and went to bed with it. I read a lot of books too. The library was nice, I had set up a bed for myself in one of the locking offices for safety in case there was anything in the city that I didn’t know about. There was no noise at night either so I wasn’t too worried. In the fancy penthouse in one of the biggest residential buildings I fell asleep sprawled on the couch while watching some TV. I woke up in the middle of the night, I thought I had heard tapping. I hadn’t jumped off the couch so I just laid there with the light of the TV casted over me. I looked around with only my eyes. I dared not turn my head. I didn’t see anything in the building with me or outside of the glass widows that led to a pool. There was no way that anything could be out there. It would have had to scale the side of the building. If something had done that I was done for either way. I didn’t sleep that night.
It had been months since I thought I had woken up to the sound of tapping, I had become a very light sleeper and I hadn’t heard anything since. I was doing one of my daily walks around the park when I heard something out of the ordinary, not the wind rusting the leaves, and not something I had heard in a long time. It took me a while to register the noise. It was the echo of a scream, bouncing through the quiet buildings.

 I needed to find the source.

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