The Infection of Nessus: Destiny 2

So to start this off I wanted something that felt like the successor to Rise of Iron, obviously I don’t have all the dialogue because I don’t have ALL of what happens in the missions planned out.


Failsafe’s systems went red. “Oh no. I need to contact the guardian.” “We better, something has finally found it’s way into the captain’s secret clearance sectors.” The ground rumbled and SIVA shot out from around the ship. The tendrils wrapped around the entrance and sprung up all over the terrain. The entire moon shook for a moment as SIVA awakened and made its footholds.

“Guardian.” Lord Saladin’s voice came over the comms “Whatever you are doing needs to be abandoned at this moment. SIVA is back, and on Nessus of all places. I’ll hand you over to Zavala. I’ll be there as soon as I can, I just need to end this firefight.” Gunfire over the comms crackled and there was the sound of metal creaking along with what sounded to be a Fallen scream as his comms cut out. Zavala’s voice came over shortly as the guardian disengaged their ship’s engine to redirect to Nessus. 

“Ah there you are Guardian, Failsafe has valuable information. She needs to be rescued from the infection. Ana is en route with a device to save her consciousness. She will meet you at the LZ that is currently available. She can’t stay because she has some other things to attend to but she’ll be there.”

“Lovely.” Ghost said with a hint of sarcasm.

“Sending you the coordinates right now. Good luck Guardian, you’ve beaten SIVA once before, you can do it again.” The guardian Nodded and engaged the ships engines and they jumped off into space again headed straight for Nessus.

Mission one:

The guardian transmatted out of their ship, they landed on the large outcropping at artifacts edge with the vex tech tube down the side. Ana Bray stood next to Rasputin in his exo form

“Nice to see you out in the field again” Rasputin nodded to the guardian that helped save him. 

“Enough small talk” Ana interjected. “It’s dangerous for him to even be out here.” The ground shook again and the three of them had to steady themselves on the pillar. A large tendril of SIVA pushed apart the ground below them and snaked its way up the pillar. The blue of vex tech turned red. 

“Oh no.” Ghost seemed very apprehensive as he looked over the edge at the SIVA.

“Oh no is right. Try to save failsafe. We’re assuming it’s the Vex, after you went back into the vault of glass they’ve been wanting to step up their offense. They must’ve gotten into her systems. We need to know what we’re up against.” The ground shook even more as another tendril exploded out of the cliff face to their right. “The fallen here are a broken house, they definitely didn’t rally to find SIVA…” She trailed off as the SIVA It broke Cayde’s crashed ship even further and moved it to where it was almost hanging off the edge. It created what looked to be the entrance to a cavern underneath it. 

“We need to go now, best of luck to you Guardian” Rasputin said as he handed off the device to the guardian. Ana bumped the guardian on the shoulder with her fist. 

“I’d say it too but we both know you don’t.” The two of them transmatted into their ships and the ships rocketed into the atmosphere. 

Cut to gameplay:

The guardian steps closer to the infected vex tech that was once the safest way down. 

“Oh I don’t know about using this as an elevator” Ghost said as the guardian went down it. The red lights reflected off their visor and armor. “Andddd we’re doing it anyways, okay!” The SIVA tendrils could be seen wrapped around it from the inside. Once at the bottom the guardian summoned their sparrow and boosted off towards the Hallows, there was no cabal dropping in or Vex materializing it was quiet except for the hum coming from the SIVA.

“There’s nothing here so far. This is eerie” Ghost said. The guardian got off their sparrow at the circular hole leading down into the Hallows. The Guardian dropped down and was met with a completely different sight than what they remember. The stone ball in the center was wrapped with SIVA tendrils that connected to all of the surrounding vex construction and all of the vex portals were red with corruption. That was when they heard it, a more metallic vex scream as it came out of the portal nearest to them. The guardian lifted their gun and shot it in the glowing red vex milk center. They walked over to it, its head was covered in what almost looked like red veins of SIVA and small black triangles protruded on its body. “Oh that’s concerning. Lord Saladin… Commander Zavala. The vex, they’ve become corrupted.” 

“Oh no Guardian, get to Failsafe as fast as possible.” Zavala said over the comms

“I’ve just about finally finished here.” Saladin offered as there were more gunshots on his end “Then they will taste my fury.” 

“I wouldn’t want to be the Vex once Lord Saladin gets here.” Ghost offered as the room glowed red. “Oh no.. what was that?” Infected Vex poured from the portals. The guardian kept changing their direction to shoot the threat, it quickly became too overwhelming to stay on one spot. The guardian had to move around to keep from getting too shot up and this continued for about ten minutes. 

“We can’t do this alone.” Ghost was definitely worried but then a familiar voice came over the comms

“Captain?” Failsafes voice was weak. “It’s the Vex, they’re all over!” “Filthy machines. I guess I need to help you so you can help me.” The portals ceased to glow and the guardian cleared the rest of the vex out.

“We’re on our way Failsafe, We’re on our way!” Ghost assured ehr as the guardian summoned their sparrow and took off towards the Glade of Echoes. They were in awe of how different the infected terrain looked from what it used to. As the guardian boosted out of the caves they saw that Failsafes engines were completely enveloped by SIVA tendrils and there was a glowing red Vex portal

“This is worse than when the Fallen Splicers got a hold of SIVA.” The guardian knew that they would have to deal with that later. They took a hard left as a very powerful SIVA infected Hydra came out of the portal towards them.

“Do not engage the Hydra, It’s all mine.” Lord Saladin’s voice had a deep anger to it. His ship flashed through the sky and he dropped out of it. His burning hammer lit up the sky as he crashed down onto the infected hydra. It Screamed as it was sliced in half. A giant Praetorian came out of the portal behind Lord Saladin. He turned to face it. “Go Guardian, get to failsafe!”

The guardian summoned their sparrow and went towards the Exodus black, again the old construction was wrapped with SIVA tendrils. The ground had opened up with red vex milk, there were pieces of rock that the guardian could jump to safely but there was a huge group of vex.

“Captain, they’re allll over me. You need to get here now.” “Please!” Failsafe sounded like she was very worried. The guardian made the quick decision to boost through the small tunnel that was wrapped with SIVA. As they landed on the other side. Exodus black looked to be a hellscape of SIVA. There were new towers, pieces of the ship were in different places, and there was infected Vex everywhere. A voice that the guardian hadn’t heard in a long time. 

“I’m here Saladin. As soon as I got wind of the news… Guardian, I’m here to help” The female voice said

“Efrideet!” Ghost exclaimed as the guardian’s sparrow hit the ground. They dismounted and ran towards the exodus black. There was a shadow as Efrideet flew over head and moments later the first sniper shot that took out four of the infected vex. The guardian gunned down enemies as they ran towards the entrance, occasionally taking cover. Efrideet was a monster with her sniper, each shot took out multiple enemies. The cliff face tore open and a gigantic hydra came through a red Vex portal, Its shield flashed red. 

“Go get the AI guardian. I’ve got this.” Efrideet lept from the piece of the exodus black that she was standing on and unleashed one of the most dazzling blade barrages they had ever seen. The Hydra went down and the guardian climbed the steps up towards Failsafe.


As the guardian stepped through the SIVA infected hallway towards failsafe they could hear various sounds of Vex. The guardian rushed in and took each of the infected vex out with one shot each.

“Captain! You made it. I’m so happy!” “Couldn’t have come sooner?” 

“Well, we’ve got some news for you Failsafe, You can’t stay here. You’ll be coming with us on this consciousness drive.” Ghost said and failsafe’s lights went dark for a moment.

“I have to say goodbye to my home…?” 

“For now.” The guardian offered

“I- I will miss my crew, If I need to go, I will.” “Good riddance to the infection.” 

“Okay Failsafe, let’s do this.” Ghost said as the guardian plugged the device in. The lights went out as the SIVA tendrils snaked into the chamber. 

Saladin and Efrideet waited outside for the guardian, the guardian walked out with the drive that held Failsafe’s consciousness in their hands.

“And now we find out how deep this issue truly runs guardian.” Lord saladin said

Intermission mission one:

“Ah, there you are Guardian.” Elsie’s voice came over the comms. “Thanks for getting here so quickly. Lord Saladin and Lady Efrideet are here already. Ana and I just need you to pick up some more parts to get this machine working exactly how it should be again.” 

“I’ve set a few markers where I believe the parts are. The Fallen and Vex have made off with so many of our grandfathers things.” The guardian opens their palm and Ghost shows them the markers on the map of Europa. 

“Looks like we’ve got some searching ahead of us.” There were three markers, one in Creation, Eternity, and finally Technocrats Iron. The guardian nodded and summoned their sparrow in. They boosted off to Bray exo science as it was closest to them and had two markers. The guardian fought their way through the fallen in Creation first, a captain who was hoarding the part they needed ran them all the giant clovis head before they could kill it. 

The next piece of equipment in Creation was surrounded by a hoard of Dregs that didn’t seem like they would stop, after clearing the room the guardian was able to find a piece of a computer system.

In the technocrats iron the guardian had to hunt all the way to the end to take down a brig that had a piece of tech installed in it to make it more precise.  

“We’ve got all the pieces you’re asked for!” Ghost said over the comms. 

“Good, I’m sending you our location now.” Elsie stated

Intermission Cutscene one: 

Efrideet and Lord Saladin stood next to the door, they were in the clovis bray Facility on Europa, Ana and Elsie Bray are talking as a robotic arm goes to work. 

“That’s… interesting.” Elise made something bigger on the screen and she beckoned Ana to look. “Her consciousness shows evidence of SIVA corruption.” Efrideet and Lord Saladin tense up and step forwards.

“What was that?” Lord Saladin growled

“Calm yourselves you two, it’s not like what we’ve seen and dealt with. Something happened with the replicator from when the Exodus Black crashed to sometime closer to our current time, I can’t tell exactly when though.” Elsie stated and the Iron lords looked slightly less inclined to smash Failsafes consciousness to bits. 

“We just need to access her memories which is proving somewhat difficult.” Ana sighed and pressed a few more keys on the screen.

“Lord Saladin and Lady Efrideet, we will contact you with our findings, Go back to the front against SIVA, where we know you want to be.” Elsie was trying to give them the hint that they didn’t need to be watching over Failsafes consciousness. 

“Guardian, with us. We’ve got work to do.” Lord Saladin gestured for the guardian to follow.

Mission 2:   (This is a multi step quest type mission)

Step 1:

“Good, you’ve landed. Come down and see me at the bottom of the tower.” Lord saladin said over the comms as the guardian transmatted into the artifacts edge. They went down the elevator and saw that Lord Saladin had set up a little camp under Cayde’s old ship, the way that the SIVA tendrils came out of the ground made the spot almost secluded. The guardian went over to him and he started to speak “With this threat of SIVA infected vex running rampant we need to see if they’re connected. To the same mind as the Vex you see everyday. If that’s the case we may have already lost…” He looked angry and lost for a moment before he looked back at the guardian. “Go into the Orrery and bring me their heads.” The guardian goes into the Orrery which is untouched by SIVA for the most part. After killing the lost sector boss Lord Saladin updated the guardian with another step of interfering with a public event that just started outside of the Orrery. The vex poured from a portal as the invextion Infected vex came through a red portal that formed between SIVA tendrils. The vex started to fight one another.

“Uh lord Saladin, I don’t think they share the same mind.” Ghost said, slightly surprised. 

“Kill them anyways. We need as much information as we can get. You may need to interfere with a few of these.”  Lord Salarins voice came over the comms and The guardian set to work. There was another of these public events over by the exodus black.

 Once that was done Lord Saladin called the guardian back to talk to him. “Come back guardian, I think you’ve got enough parts for us to figure out if they share the same mind.”

Step 2:

“What’s next on your list Lord Saladin?” Ghost asked as the guardian walked up to him.

“The infected Vex have a few foot holds and are pouring out into the world. The Rift and the Carrion pit are now flooded with these SIVA infused vex. Go take them out.”

“We’ll get on that” Ghost said and the guardian took off towards the Glade of Echos. The guardian stared at the huge red vex portal that was right next to the engines. The guardian fought their way through the lost sector (about ten light level higher) and defeated the Infected minotaur that was at the end. Next the guardian went off to The Exodus Black and entered the Rift. The guardian found a SIVA infected wyvern at the end. Once the guardian had its head it was time for them to return to saladin once again. 

“These vex. They lack the strength of the vex mind. I don’t even need to dissect any of them. Ana and Rasputin are coming to help me do that. That Warmind better figure out how to shut this down or I’ll kill him myself.” Lord Saladin cracked his knuckles “Anyways, once we figure out what these vex are following… then we can take them out for good.” 

Mission 3: (our favorite: run the new strike!)

“Guardian” Zavala’s voice came over the comms  “The hole that’s opened up underneath where Cayde-6 crashed his ship on Nessus leads into some Vex caverns. It needs to be explored. I think you’re the perfect one for the job.” The Guardian transmatted in on top of Cayde’s old ship and then jumped down into the cavern that the SIVA tendrils opened up shortly after the guardian landed on Nessus. The guardian aimed down their sights to look into the distance. The cavern was a mix of Vex pillars and SIVA tendrils. There were red vex portals all over the place and all sorts of SIVA vex coming at the guardian from each side. It was almost like a cathedral inside the tunnel. The ground plummeted after the entrance area and there was a massive red vex portal at the bottom of a cliff. 

“Are we going in that?” Ghost asked, the guardian looked about, there was no other way, and they jumped. “You’re reckless, you know that don’t you?” The guardian came out on the other side, in what was best explained as a SIVA hellscape that used to be large caves under Nessus. In the distance on top of a mountain of vex construction was the buried portion of the exodus black. After the guardian battled their way into the buried portion of the ship they could tell that the Vex had their way with it since it had landed. Most of the floors had been hollowed out and there was a huge tendril of SIVA heading upwards. 

“Eyes up guardian, there’s a very strong presence here. I think that the SIVA infected vex are trying to create an avatar of their mind.” The guardian watched as a SIVA vex formed with wyvern-like legs, a minotour-esque body, and a hydra head. On its back were wyvern wings and down the sides of its body were they hydra spikes that came off its spine piece. All of it was supplemented by SIVA and it was huge. The guardian had to dodge its ground pound attack that was signified as it jumped into the air. Sometimes it would form a shield that circled it. The SIVA vex mind was unpredictable and it hit hard. The guardian managed to defeat it and looked around the room. The huge SIVA tendril was pulsating with red energy.

“This isn’t the main source. But it’s connected to it.” Ghost said. 

“Good job guardian” Zavala said. “Lord Saladin will be happy to hear you put a stop to that. I’m sure he has much more work for you to do.” 

“Oh he does.” Lady Efrideet said over the comms. “But the Bray sisters have something for you.” – Strike end

Intermission cutscene two

Ana stood with her arms crossed as she watched a screen. Elsie was behind her as the guardian walked in.
“Glad you’ve made” Elsie siad “We did some digging”

“And as it turned out, the fallen made their way into the SIVA chamber first. They knocked around the replicator some and it started to go a little wild. Failsafe was able to execute some safety measures which locked the section down, killed the fallen, and shut down the replicator but not before it affected her system slightly.” Ana was proud of herself.

“She never told us…” Ghost said as he looked at the tech that contained her consciousness. The door opened behind them as Ghost spoke and Rasputin wheeled something into the room under a sheet.

“Of course she didn’t, she was programmed not to. We removed that part of her programming while looking in her memories.” Rasputin added as he stopped next to her consciousness. 

“What’s that?” Ghost asked as the guardian looked back at the warmind exo. Rasputin pulled off the sheet and he revealed an exo body that was split down the middle by a white line, on the left side it was red and on the right side it was black.

“Time to give our AI friend a life outside of the exodus black” Elsie smiled. “We’ll tell you when we’ve got her finished up. But before you go off to help the iron lords again could you get a few more things for us?” 

Intermission mission 2

“So there’s some extra things that we need. Miscellaneous vex things and some things from our grandfather. Make your way into Perdition, concealed void, bunker e15 and run the glassway to collect the thighs that we need to get failsafe up and running.” The guardian goes into the lost sectors, the things that they collect can just be picked up and they technically don’t need to be completed. The strike’s item is collected by killing the large hydra. The guardian then brings the findings to Elsie and Ana.

Mission 4:

“Guardian, head into the glade of echoes. There’s another spike of SIVA infected Vex through the portal that the giant Hydra came through when I helped take the heat off of you when you were rescuing failsafe” The guardian goes to the portal and finds themselves face to face with two SIVA Hydra’s. After killing them the guardian goes into the portal and finds themselves somewhere very familiar.

“Are we on Nessus still?” Ghost asked as the guardian looked round. The construction looked as if it was the glassway mixed with portions of the pyramidion. Ghost made some noises as he pinpointed where they were. “Oh no. We’re heading towards the center of the moon.” Ghost was very worried. “Lord Saladin. Trouble!”

“What is it?” His voice crackled over the comms.

“Well uh, how do I put this? The infected Vex have a portal to basically the center of the moon. This may turn into an entirely infected planet.”

“Not if we can stop it. Get to work.” Lord Saladin said “I’ll be behind you.” The guardian runs into normal vex fighting the infected vex and SIVA tendrils were snaked all across the ground and the walls. 

“This reminds me of mercury.” Ghost said as the guardian walked through the area “It’s all vex construction. How long have they been at it?” The guardian fought some more of the infected vex, going deeper into the construction. There’s a section of Vex beams that rotate and can kill the guardian. In the center of the moon there is a giant circle of what appeared to be vex milk floating. 

“What is that..” Ghost said as they got closer to it. Suddenly the entire moon shook. 

Mid mission Cutscene 

A giant Vex mind like Panopteys infinite mind came out of the vex milk along with two giant minotaurs, wyverns and three hydra’s. The moon shook so much the guardian could barely stand. Suddenly tendrils of SIVA shot out of the walls, it wrapped around all of the Vex enemies and quickly infected them. Lord Saladin barely pulled himself past a wall. 

“Guardian! We need to kill them!” The SIVA tendrils wrapped around the vex milk orb and it turned bright red. The huge vex mind now completely infected with SIVA disappeared. “Oh no. Guardian, you’ve killed Hive gods. Take care of these and I’ll track that.. monstrosity.” The guardian nodded as the ground stopped shaking. The SIVA that infected the Hydra, minotaurs, and the Wyverns shot out and connected together. They formed two of the strike bosses and they both looked directly at the guardian. 

Back to Gameplay: 

The guardian managed to kill the first giant SIVA minotaur and the second started teleporting back through the way the guardian had come. The guardian killed the second of the Giant SIVA vex minotaurs and then lord saladin comes over the comms 

“Guardian, It disappeared. I can’t find it. On this moon. I’ve got Lady Efrideet checking every possible location. We’ll alert you.”

Intermission cutscene 3

“We’ve done it!” Ana exclaimed as Failsafes consciousness fully booted into her exo body. Rasputin and Elsie were staring at the monitors as Failsafe started her first sequence. All of her appendages moved. On the red side of her body the lights behind her eyes and mouth were white and on the black side of her body they were a dark red. 

“Oh my, do I have a body?” “I was expecting this feeling to be… exciting. I feel trapped.” Failsafe said, the lights in her mouth were brighter depending on which personality was talking.

“Imagine how I feel.” Rasputin almost laughed

“Failsafe, Nice to meet you!” Elsie said “The guardian went through a lot to make sure you were okay.” 

“I appreciate the Captain.” “But you all chose THIS body?” 

“She’s mean, I like it.” Elsie laughed and Rasputin nodded. The guardian came through the door.

“Captain!” Failsafe said happily “When are you taking me home? I don’t want to be in this… lab” 

Intermission mission 3

“Guardian, Lady Efrideet has just seen a few spikes of energy in the cosmodrome. Please go figure out what these traces are. I’m worried the SIVA Vex are trying to find whatever remains of SIVA left in the world. Perhaps steal the SIVA aboard the colony ship that never made it out of the cosmodrome..” 

The guardian lands in the Cosmodrome and makes their way all over the map, going through the lost sectors, in the lost sectors the guardian runs into a few infected vex at the end and they pick up SIVA remnants each time. They run into a few wandering SIVA vex patrols and kill them. Then finally the guardian has to go back up the colony ship (basically Caydes stash mission- possibly more like a strike? but with SIVA vex and a mean hydra at the end!) Once the guardian kills the infected hydra lady Efrideet comes over the comms. 

“Guardian. You NEED to go back to Nessus. Right away, Lord Saladin needs our help.”

Mission five:

The guardian transmitted into the artifact’s edge, lord Saladin was missing from where he had set up his small camp, and there was a trail of light that led towards the hollows. The guardian followed the trail, dropped down into the hollows, and fought the SIVA vex in front of them. The huge vex mind appeared for a moment as if to taunt the guardian but then disappeared. The guardian made their way into the Glade of echoes and had to close off five SIVA vex portals before continuing forward where they were met with three SIVA wyverns that blocked the entrance to the cave that led to the exodus black. The guardian fought and killed them before moving on. Outside of the Exodus black the SIVA vex mind was shooting at lady Efrideet.

Mid mission cutscene:

Lady Efrideet launched herself off of the fallen construction and sent a blade barrage towards the SIVA vex mind but it’s shield completely reflected the attack back at her. She took an exploding knife to the chest and was flung into the distance. 

“No, I can’t lose you too.” Lord saladin said weakly as the guardian looked beside them to see Saladin propped against a rock, his ghost buzzed around him. “Guardian, you have to be the one to stop this.” The guardian nodded and charged towards the SIVA vex mind. SIVA cyclops appeared all over the area.

Back to gameplay

The guardian has to take out the cyclops first or they can’t get any good shots in on the SIVA vex mind. Once the first set of cyclops are all gone the Guardian gets to damage the SIVA vex mind for a third of its health bar but then it teleports them both to the center of the moon and there’s a bunch of SIVA vex waiting for the guardian. The guardian gets to damage the mind but it’s difficult until they clear everything out. Once they get it down to its last bit of health the mind teleports them back to outside of the exodus black. The guardian is almost overwhelmed by smaller vex and it finally takes out the mind. 

Mid mission cutscene 2

The ground rumbled as a huge tendril of SIVA tears out of the exodus black and wraps around the mind. The dead SIVA vex parts fly up to the mind on small ropes of SIVA and it let out a wild metallic shriek, the tendril of SIVA fell to the ground as the mind came towards the guardian again.

Back to gameplay

The mind only had half health and it teleported them back to the center of the moon. The guardian kills the SIVA mind and the vex milk sphere turns back to white and the SIVA tendrils recede slightly. 


The guardian walked back to the exodus black as Lord Saladin and Lady Efrideet hobbled towards the guardian together. 

“One final step guardian.” Lord saladin said as the guardian stepped in front of them. “We go in and shut down the replicator. Use failsafes systems to blow the ship up.” The three of them walk into Failsafes chamber to find Failsafes Exo standing in front of the replicator.

“Failsafe, step away from the replicator. We need to destroy it.” Failsafe turned to them

“No. We can learn how to control it. I did it once before.” “It will be childsplay, and this way you don’t need to blow up any of your friends. Or in this case. What was my home for my entire life” Lord Saladin tried to lunge at Failsafe but Lady Efrideet held her back. 

“Lord Saladin. I know how you feel but now that We have failsafe who was able to shut this replicator down and Rasputin who literally created SIVA, perhaps the two of them together can figure out how to wield it for good.” 

“It can never be used for good! We lost so many!” Lord Saladin spat and tried to wrestle free. 

“Perhaps it can?” The guardian ventured

“You too?” Lord Saladin glared at the guardian. He transmitted away leaving Lady Efrideet, the guardian and Failsafe. 

“If I’ve learned anything of my time around you Guardian, is to have a little faith.” The two of them watch as Failsafe puts her hand over the replicator and the red glow dims.

Secret cutscene

In a pitch black room a vex sound is heard, a red glow starts, there’s a sound of something moving and then the vex being crushed. It sounded as if something was draping itself towards the camera, from the red glow on the left side, there was an outline of a helmet and the words it spoke could barely be heard

“I’m coming for you father.” 

With the conclusion of this season, Failsafe is now back to being a vendor just on a SIVA infested Nessus, new public events Vex vs SIVA Vex, a new endless game (Infected vex onslaught) only in the hollows, and a replayable mission of stopping a new vex mind (replay of mission 4 basically) and now edited strikes/ lost sectors. Lord Saladin disappears for a while so Lady Efrideet runs the iron banner.

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