The Snow

The Snow was supposed to stop like it always had for a brief time but something was different and it was coming back in the months it shouldn’t. Little did they know that snow in the middle of July spelt the end of the world as they knew it. It was global warming this, global warming that, and while that was true, it was the freezing weather that took everyone by surprise. Not the rising water levels because of the ice melting, not the mass extinctions, those had been manageable. The tech they developed was able to combat those things and their bodies had become resilient. Each generation had become more used to the smog, the radiation and the horrors that came with them. It was the pretty light crystalline flakes that brought the world to a halt forever. For the first few months it was small flurries out of nowhere, they would last for about twenty minutes and not stick to anything but then it started to get colder. They tried their best to combat the cold but it seemed as if an ice age was upon them, No matter what they tried it just got colder and The Snow just kept coming. No longer was it just flurries, it was a constant falling of the small white flakes. It seemed manageable at first, they used fire to melt it away, they moved it away from the paths they traveled. 

It became a constant blizzard everywhere, the locations that had always been warm fell first as they were completely equipped to deal with The Snow. It was a constant bombardment, only those who had built bunkers with water supplies were truly prepared and that caused a different issue for them. The others who knew about the bunkers, they fought for control, they fought for their own places and many didn’t get what they needed either way. 

The Snow buried everything.

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