The Depths

It was common knowledge that the deepest part of the ocean had something hiding in its depth but little did people know that the moment you could no longer see the bottom of a body of water that they were in the same danger. Legends of the Sirens, the mermaids, the less ‘pretty’ legends of the oceans all came from The Depths as did the legends of lake spirits and river spirits. It was there where sailors, swimmers, and anyone not fully insanes fears came true. No one was truly sure what was in The Depths and that made people so curious. It was once said if you stood beside a river you could hear it talk to you.

 It seemed to be common knowledge for people to stay away from The Depths and yet a lone soul sat at the edge of the river that wasn’t too far from their home. They sat at the edge of the water for hours, long into the night, and that was when they heard the voice. It called to them kindly and simply. The lone soul took to the river, the water splashed around them as they paddled out into the center where the voice was the loudest. It was the sweetest voice they had ever heard, it promised them the world, it promised them it would always be there and begged them to agree to come with it. Without much convincing the lone soul agreed and without struggle they disappeared to the bottom of the river. No bubbles surfaced after them.

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