Exo Annihilation Protocol Outline: Destiny 2

Again a preface to this, written pre Beyond Light DLC, this is unfinished and goes along with my other post!

Intro Cutscene (Ana and Elsie- Exo stranger talking)

First mission: Further into the Bray: Guardian helps them eliminate hive deep in the Clovis bray facility. Use the code from Elsie to unlock Exo data.  (20 minutes)

Non optional first side quest: Take three regular warstats and one heroic warstat on any planet for information on exo movement from neptune in the system. – they have different traces. Find out that rasputin is hiding the information

Second mission (NEW STRIKE- Not watered down-): head to Proteus. Old vex installation that has been modified by the Exo’s with a gate to neptune. Fight through modified vex.(the modified enemies will be a large part of the story) (25ish minutes)

  • (LORE CARDS) Neptune, gas giant, when the Exo’s crashed through the gas atmosphere they exited the ship and couldn’t see with their normal vision through the blue haze of gas. It took them time but the huge ship that they came on had plenty of materials to craft. They tried to contact rasputin but the gas made it impossible. The only way to communicate was through proximity. Through experimentation they found ways to filter the gas from the ship again so they could see inside. They stayed inside until they devised a plan to inhabit the planet but on their third day there was something that clawed at the door. They watched their cameras, through the haze they saw a bear like creature but nothing more. They also didn’t realize but the Vex had followed them to the planet and were having just as hard of a time. They first scanned for a cave, fitted a door to it and used their filters to get rid of the gas and they created an outpost inside the cave. Inside they found the ear like creatures that were vicious. One ripped apart an Exo within seconds. They tranquilized as many of the creatures as they could and brought them to the ships med bay to augment them for use of finding more caves and scouting the terrain. They found out in the weeks that followed that the planet put off so much gas from lakes. Capping off the lakes didn’t work and resulted in them growing larger. At this point the vex had found them. They fought and the exo’s took the upperhand, with using the vex tech they took from the destroyed vex they started to work on forcefield technologies that fed off of some of the gas while it displaced the rest. In doing so they put the forcields over the lakes with vex/exo hybrid tubes that let the gas go into the atmosphere. They created an even larger forcefield that went higher into the atmosphere which condensed the gasses which made it even harder to communicate with the outside worlds. The force fields only keep the gas at bay. If a ship were to come through, there would be no stopping it but the forcefields repair themselves.  (LORE CARDS)
  • Once the guardian appears on neptune they see that there is odd exo technologies going up into the sky from large gaseous lakes and everything was tinged slightly blue. The guardian can see large exo buildings not far off and large mountains behind them. 

1st adventure: Now that the guardian is on Neptune they need to go about setting up a transmat area. Once out of the gate you show up with the city not too far in the distance. The guardian needs to track down some more tech. By following a Vex signature they find a lost sector, once inside of the lost sector they find that all of the vex have been modified by the exo’s. After clearing out the lost sector the guardian finds golden age tech, a piece of their original ship with data intact. Upon scanning it the ghost has a tether point and tells the guardian that they need to go up into the mountains some. Going up the mountain is a trail up to an outcropping that looked over a massive lake and down towards the city. Just as the trail widened, an exo bear creature came out of the brush. Its jaws whirred as it opened them and in the back of its mouth a vex type laser fired u and shot at the guardian. Upon defeating the creature the ghost worriedly said that he didn’t like that. With tech from the Exo bear and The golden age ship date The ghost set up a signal that allows Elsie Bray to transmat in.  (20ish minutes)

  • Being on the Neptune Elsie needed to gather as much information as they could. She sent the guardian off to collect more data from what they could find. Go out and kill them Because she had never seen the bear creatures before she wanted more (Side quest to collect so many to get such and such reward. She’ll have their heads and other body parts scattered around behind her and it’s obvious that she tinkered with them.) 

3rd mission: Get to know the surroundings. Elsie sends you off to explore. 

Part one- collect Exo Vex data, Exo Fallen Data, and Exo Cabal data. (15 memory banks from each set) Find out that the awoken have not touched the planet yet. From their data the ghost figured out that the Exo’s have sent out different signals that draw in ships that are nearby into the atmosphere, Once through their ships become scrambled and send them crashing down. Only to be picked up and modified.

Part two- Find these installations that send off the signal, scan them and activate them to cause some chaos. There are five locations across the map. Once turned on, the fallen, and cabal begin to come through the atmosphere more frequently, this throws into the mix unmodified enemies versus modified. This upsets the Exo’s and sets them looking for the cause. 

Part three- infiltrate the city. Get cornered by the Exo’s. 

(25ish minutes)

CUTSCENE. Get brought in front of the Exo council.  (the main council member is named Bombardier- leader (Titan). Jessibal-2 – second in command (Hunter). Tijin – Third in command (warlock)

  • They recognize the guardian as the one who saved the city, stopped the red legion, brought back saint-14, and all the other things. Friend of Cayde-6. Angry about his death and large accusation of the vanguard not caring about the exo’s at all. Letting them die and be rebuilt and or reset multiple times to where they lose the majority of the memories that they had made during their lives as an exo. They used Banshee-44 as an example. Eventually he  would be reset so many times that he wouldn’t remember a thing or they would completely run out of parts and he would be dead. The other machines the vanguard had were also mistreated. Why some had turned to the cabal and let them into the city. And now that the guardian was on neptune and causing havoc. That didn’t sit well with them. Because the guardian is a friend of Exo’s from the fact that they avenged cayde-6 and saved the rest of the guardians they decided to let the guardian go only on the promise to not return to the planet. They had a group of Exo’s escort the guardian to a ship. They passed large buildings that appeared to be factories. There was the sound of constant work emanating from them. Once they got to the ship they put the guardian into it press a button which blasts them off through the forcefield and atmosphere. -cut to black- Audio of the guardian sending out a distress call that is picked up by amanda. Back in the tower. The Guardian explains that there is a problem and that the exo’s are modifying races. The vanguard tales this as a threat along with what the Exo council said about them not caring about Exo’s. 

4th mission: Amanda holiday figures out the ship that the guardian was sent back on by the exo’s can survive the atmosphere of neptune and the forcefield without being scrambled. She needs some time to take it apart and to find out what makes it work.

-Part one: She sends the guardian to retrieve old golden age ship parts from lost sectors in the EDZ, moon, and Mars. Once back she is almost done but they need one more thing to replicate the tech to make it consistent and complete. Coding from failsafe, once on Nessus Failsafe talks to you about where the code is located. 

-Part 2: run an adventure into the spot where she is on fire and in the room where it is dark where all of the fallen are before the boss room you scan a computer to get the codes. Once you get the codes there is gunfire that echoes around. An Exo from the tower followed the guardian there. Quick fight to get back around towards the entrance. The exo has a bunch of Exo fallen and a few Exo Vex snipers with them. Fight off all of the modified enemies and get the boss exo to half health. The exo tries to run and a modified walker bursts through wreckage to fight you but a rocket soars down from the sky to destroy it (Thanks failsafe) Bring them all the way down in health and then bring them back to the tower.

(30 minutes)

  • Vanguard questions the Exo after the guardian explained the circumstances. who only lets out that the vanguard needs to watch their back. The exo’s have an army and they’re going to take over the galaxy. Once he says this his entire body grinds in on itself to destroy him. Ikoura is angered and So is Zavala. They send the guardian back to Amanda holliday who now has everything ready. She fits your ship with the new tech made from everything that you had helped her piece together. She is very proud of her work and gets started on making more of the tech to fit other ships. – Now neptune is available to fly to. – You land next to Elsie. She’s happy to see that you’re back and said she saw it all happen. You let her know that they have armies but neither of you know where. 

Adventure 2: Loot the next remaining three lost sectors. Two are away from the city  at opposite ends. and one is on the outskirts of the city. The one by the city goes deep underground and is connected to a factory that is making exo vex. The guardian goes inside and the ghost lets him know that the factory has been in use for a long time and solely producing exo vex. This trips an alarm and some of the exo vex  engage them to where the guardian has to turn around and go back. Deliver this information to Elsie.

(20 minutes)

  • If they’re creating exo vex, are they also creating exo fallen and Cabal? The guardian knows that they passed a factory on their way out. They wondered if they were both connected. 
  • The three exo council gathered to talk about what they are going to do next. They need to expedite their plans to take over the universe now that the vanguard was aware of them, they originally wanted to wait until they had such a large army that everything would crumble under their might. (Throw in some golden age lore here. Originally made as the only improvement over humans. What would have saved them and eventually ruled everything.) 

Mission 5: Do some damage- Elsie tells you that you need to Get into these factories (Which are massive and head down towards the center of the planet. EACH factory is a thing like the nightmare hunts. You need to do all three to complete the mission. These will be replayable because each final boss will rotate like different bosses from each race each week (three different sets of final bosses each week) 

(20 minutes each factory. So an hour for all three)

  • Once completing the three factory invasion missions  there is a cutscene of the three exo’s confronting the guardian. Elsie  was on top of the building near them , she takes bombadier out with a sniper shot and then appears on the ground. Now that they’re evenly matched teh Exo’s are wary. After that she and the guardian are forced to retreat from the area around the city. 
  • Cut to the exo hospital/factory where normal exo’s are fixed. Tijin and Jesibal-2 are relieved that the chip that contained the functions of when he was human survived. If it hadn’t, all his memories would be gone, he would just be a shell of an exo, he would be like a lobotomized human unless replaced. That was the one oversight when the exo’s were first made, their brains were never backed up on the clovis bray system. Their original function chip was highly valued to keep them the same exo. If lost they could make a new one but that would mean the exo’s shell would be the same but they would become a totally different person. (Why Cadye was never fixed. The ghosts can restore everything so that is the loophole with guardian exo’s) They patch Bombardier up and reset him because he wasn’t coming back without it being done. Bombardier-2 was angry. It was time for revenge on the guardian and the vanguard.

Mission 6 ( Control tower One): 

  • Elsie tells you that the two massive towers are control towers. One is for the modified enemies. While the other is for the completely Exo enemies. She wants you to go after the modified tower first because it is closer and has less defenses. While this is happening there are LARGE ships leaving neptune to invade other planets.

The exo’s are getting ready for an attack, elsie knows this and when you had activated their signals to draw the other races she had found a communication tower that lets them control the modified races. Fight all the way up the tower. Inside of it are the exo versions of the enemy races. As you make your way up more and more of the harder enemies are there. At the top you face a set of bosses and then ghost can finally get into the terminal and it lets you turn the modified enemies to your side. (20ish minutes) 

  • Now that you’ve done this you see in the distance the massive building where the exo council was a light with warning lights. She tells you that you need to move fast.

Mission 7 (Control Tower two): This tower controls the Exo enemies. Basically the same thing, different style building on the way up. As you’re going up, Elise warns you that there is much more movement on the  ground. Once at the top the guardian can see the exo enemies marching through the streets. Ghost finally scans in and all of the exo enemies halt in the streets. The modified enemies are helping you throughout this (15 minutes)

  •  A feeling of victory is cut short as a huge laser levels the top off the tower of where the guardian was. As the guardian falls they see a MASSIVE ship above the Exo council building and the Exo enemies are moving towards it again. The guardian failed as they crashed to the ground in the rubble. 
  • Bombardier-2, jesibal-2 and Tijin watched angrily from the ship as their exo creatures stopped in the middle of the streets but then bombardier-2 pressed a button from the ship, the laser fired and then his exo enemies walked towards the ship again. He sends  Jessibal-2 and a team of exo’s down to deal with the guardian along with Elsie

Mission Eight (It can’t end like this): As the ghost brings the guardian back Elsie is there to help you up, there is a large amount of the modified creatures there to help you fight through the streets towards the building. Once in the building there are tons of traps and Exo tech turrets. Each floor they take out an exo warrior. On the roof the building waits for jessibal-2 and Tajin to get back after they’ve killed the guardian and Elsie. -boss fight- Injure Tajin badly, He leaps from the building before elsie could deliver the final blow. Bombardier-2 watches his exo’s lose the fight and uses the laser again, it cuts through the side of the building, sending Jsseibal-2 to her presumed death. It separates the guardian and Elsie from where they can board the massive ship which lifts high into the air and leaves the atmosphere. As the ship left its laser blasted the tower with a laser that took out its transmission so the modified enemies were left to their own devices. (30 minutes) 

  • Elsie and the guardian return to the spot where she first transmated in. They know this isn’t the end but the ship has old golden age cloaking that they can’t track. So it was the end for now. He may have taken his group of exo’s off to another planet or to hide in space to attack at another time. 
  • Jessibal-2 missing an arm and Tajin missing his lower half find each other. They know that Bombardier-2 betrayed them. They should have never let him talk to the mysterious traveller. that once came offering goods. He had given bombardier a bone that whispered to him and he had fashioned it into a necklace. It must have been related to what called the collapse and why they were sent away. Now with everything gone haywire on Neptune it was time for them to rebuild themselves and make new settlements with the exo’s that were left on the planet who hadn’t taken part in the army. 

Return to the vanguard and tell them what happened.  Bombardier-2 is heading towards the darkness to become one of their champions

Side Quests. 

  • Go around collecting the exo bears for Elsie
  • Collect neptonian crystals (condensed gas)


  • F
  • G
  • H

After campaign special quests – lead on that Tajin and Jesibal -2 are still alive. Find out that they are trying to create a peaceful outpost within the city around the hospital

  • Escort exo’s to the outpost (Multiple of these short missions)
  • Protect the outpost from invasions 

Go back and infiltrate the factories because they are still producing the exo enemies. (LIKE NIGHTMARE HUNTS)

  • An endless mode from 1-6 people. Each wave gets progressively more difficult. The higher you get, the better the rewards. If you wipe your run is done. Different guaranteed loot depending on difficulty level and how many levels your team makes it.

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