Fugobuou: The Keeper

It sounded as if it was gibberish, but that was the name it traveled with, and that’s what people knew it as because that is how it spoke. Fugobuou was an entity that traveled with no end, its form was ever changing except for one thing. It always held a sphere. Fugobuou shambled into a quaint coastal town, the moon bright above, the form it took was that of an old man, and he meant no harm. A nurse on her way home pulled off to the side of the road and asked if the old man needed help, at first he did not reply but at the repetition of her question the old man tried to form words but all that came from his mouth was gibberish. The nurse walked over to the old man and asked if he was okay, that was when she took note of the sphere that he gripped tightly in his hands. She once again asked if he was alright and the old man nodded. She said she would feel bad if he stayed out in the elements and asked if she could give him a ride. He conceded and she helped him get to the car. He gave her a gummy smile as she closed the door and walked to her side of the car. As she drove him towards the homeless shelter she tried to make conversation but he only replied with nods or nonsensical gibberish. With her eyes on the road she heard a heavy thud, the old man was asleep and his sphere had fallen from his grasp. She brought the car to a stop and the old man did not wake, she bent over to grab the sphere. As she picked it up she felt the air around her become ice cold. She was entranced by the clear sphere, she couldn’t tell if it was glass or some sort of perfect crystal, or if it was something else all together, and she decided she would never know as the old man couldn’t speak. As she looked away from the ball she realized that she was no longer in her car. She was standing on a black sand beach as the calm waves lapped at the shore. She put the sphere into her scrubs pocket as she looked around at her new surroundings. She yelled out, nothing replied. She walked along the beach, her footprints faded after a few steps, and she took no notice. Then there was a voice, it was all around her, one that permeated her entire being. It spoke of how she had entered a world containing all times, all knowledge, and how all things must pass through that world. How she should not have been there. How it was not her time to pass through the inbetween. It asked her to take a look around, to take in the sights and how she would be returned to her time because she had been kind to the traveling old man. As she looked towards the shore she saw cities flicker in and out of existence through all time periods, she saw wars, she saw so many things intertwined in one place. Hulking creatures that were gone in the blink of an eye, as she turned to look back towards the ocean she noticed that there was something moving under the ground towards her. The voice was urgent, it warned her that she had stayed too long and that it was returning her to her time. This would all seem as if it was a dream to her. As the unknown assailant got closer the ground rumbled and with a bang she jolted in her car’s front seat. The old man was just outside her door, he waved his goodbye as she noticed the sphere was gone from her hand, she waved back and took a deep breath. She gripped the steering wheel and drove off. The old man stared after her, he held the sphere somehow tighter than before and closed his eyes. 

When he opened them he had become her, except for her eyes, that is how Fugobuou would look until its next kind encounter. Its eyes were always the same. It walked past the homeless shelter and deeper into the town. The woman had shown it kindness and it repaid her with a sight of how the world truly was, it hoped that she had not been left with a sour taste for life after. As it walked past a bar it was shown rudeness. Men came after it in its new form. They tried to take its sphere as they said mean drunken things and pushed it around. With a deep, ancient, and unknowable anger in its eyes it let go of the sphere. The sphere floated in the center of the dark alleyway in front of  Fugobuou, the drunken men were scared as they saw what they had previously thought to be a defenseless woman raise her hands to the sky and spout gibberish while they felt the air become cold as ice. Fugobuou closed its mouth and looked at the men, with a snap of its fingers they were gone. They were on the beach, running in terror from the monsters of time. Fugobuou relished their screams as it held the orb in its hands and it continued to walk, as it always had.

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