The Silence

The night came quick, far quicker than the people of that unassuming small town thought it would that day. Nestled within the quaint valley the darkness spread over the ground, up the trees, and into their homes. With the darkness there was The Silence. The Silence was worse than the dark, the people ceased to speak, the trees ceased to creak, and the cars ceased to emit any noise whatsoever. The people of this small town didn’t realize that The Silence was only affecting their isolated town. As they walked they couldn’t hear their footfalls no matter the surface, they couldn’t even hear the sounds of their own blood rushing through their head. The doctors tried their best to come up with a reason as to why all was quiet but their findings only caused more worry. The people of this town couldn’t hear the loudest of sounds. A group of adults figured it would be best to try experimenting with different frequencies. No matter what they tried, they could not hear. They rupture their eardrums, blood poured from the holes but they could still not hear a sound. The Silence started to drive the people of this small town mad. They could only hear their own thoughts which soon became intrusive. The Silence started to prey on the people of this town on their own accord. It soon became commonplace to see someone in an act of self harm to try and get away from the thoughts. Screaming yielded nothing as they resorted to hitting their heads off of what they could find an attempt to clear their heads. They craved complete silence, not The Silence that acted as if a barrier had been drawn over everything around them that let no noise through. The population dropped quickly, while mostly everyone began ending their own lives, some thought to end others. Once those who cowered in their homes, their corners, their places where they thought they were safe and away from those who would do them harm The Silence acted fully. It became so overwhelming those who were left bled from their ears and fell to the ground dead. Once the residents of this small town were truly silenced, The Silence lifted, the birds returned and their chirping echoed through the once lively small town.

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