Exo Annihilation Protocol Dialogue: Destiny 2

Just to preface this piece, it was written BEFORE beyond light came out, this is my idea, and my dialogue. The separate post for the outline is here!


The Exo Stranger appeared on Mars, she knew that it still wasn’t the right time but she needed to let Ana Bray know of what was coming. She couldn’t let her sister face what was coming alone. 

Clovis Bray facilities were very much the same since the last time she had been here, she remembered the days before her procedure and the searing pain of waking up during it. The gears in her jaw ground together for a moment as she tried to get rid of the memory. Her vision scanned the facility and found Ana’s heat signature hunched over a desk in what was their mothers lab. Her vitals read that she had nodded off in her chair as she walked the halls and reminisced when her flesh had touched these exact places so long ago. She opened the door, walked silently over to the table, the almost inaudible mechanical sounds of her body could be heard between Ana’s breaths, and pulled the chair from the table out to sit in front of her sister. 

“Ana.” She whispered. Her sister’s eyes fluttered as she woke up. 

“Elsie?” The drowsiness faded in a heartbeat. “Elsie!” She was shocked to see her sister. “What are you doing back here? You told me that you had a job to do in multiple timelines.” 

“I do. We’re coming closer to the time that I’ve been so worried about but your guardian has messed with the timeline. Brining back Saint-14 changed something. I need to let you know that there is trouble that will be coming your way from Neptune.”

“Neptune?” She asked with a puzzled look on her face. “Neptune can’t hold any life though. That’s what every warstat report has said.”

“Rasputin lies from time to time. You know that.” She leaned back in her chair and pulled her hood off. “Long ago Rasputin knew that no one would have a curiosity about Neptune, because of its reputation and his continued reports.” Ana leaned towards her sister with her elbows on the table, she ran her hands through her hair and then ground her teeth.

“What are you saying?” She asked and Elsie’s Exo face expressed a mix of regret and other emotions that only an exo could figure out. 

“That rasputin sent Exo’s to Neptune during the fall to keep them safe and he lost contact with them. Their order was to wait until they could help humanity again” She paused. “Once he lost contact with them, their ideals changed and they’ve overhauled the planet to their liking. There is a secret entrance on the moon Proteus but it is very dangerous.” She looked towards the door. “It’s time that I give you the codes to unlock the history of the Exo’s so we can put a stop to their movements against us.”

Mission 1:

(Elsie and Ana go deep into the facility to retrieve the information but realize that it’s been over run by the hive and call the guardian to complete their fireteam) *Mission- Deeper into the Bray*

“Guardian!” Ana said with a smile. “Thank you for coming so quickly.” 

“What can I help with?” The guardian asked as thier ghost bobbed around the Exo Stranger.

“We have a problem.” Elsie said simply. “The leftover hive need to be exterminated from the lower levels of the facilities. The Exo experimentation and creation rooms were sealed and we have to get down there to get information for my sister.” The ghost’s body twisted in surprise.

“No It can’t be, Elsie Bray?” it paused. “You’re the exo stranger?” 

“That would indeed be me.” She said as they walked to the previously sealed door. “Now let’s get rid of these Hive.” 

(Mission begin, go separate ways down into the facility, at times Elsie’s pulse rifle fire will save the guardian from hive that sneak up behind, Ana bray will be doing the same.) 

As they got closer to the objective the ghost asked.

“I thought exo’s didn’t retain their human memories?” Elsie didn’t turn around as they walked. 

“We don’t. Not normally, I was lucky because I am a Bray. That’s my only reason.” She said to finish off that conversation. They went deeper into the facility. The hive really wanted to stop them being that they hadn’t seen the light for a long time and this portion of the building hadn’t been open since the fall. 

(Dialogue according to different rooms)

They made their way past all of the old Exo experiment and construction chambers. “That’s the room where I was remade.” 

“What did they do with the bodies?”  The ghost asked

“You don’t want to know.” She replied simply.

“I’m sure we’ll find out.” They made it to the archives room that looked somewhat like rasputin’s chambers. Ana and ghost work on inputting the code that Elsie had given them. (A bunch of lore cards can come from here) Ana looked around. “I hear something.” Elsie and the guardian turn towards the door. As it was blown inwards Ana looked both impressed and worried. A cyclops with a group of powerful knights barged in. Elsie watched as her sister put her knife through the cyclops’s eye after she and the guardian had done most of the work. With the hive cleared out they went back up to Ana’s normal station. 

Ana and Elsie finished going over the information. 

“Okay. Guardian, what we need from you is to get a few Warstats information. Rasputin is hiding some information from us and that needs to be uncovered. With the codes we’ve got from the Bray systems we should be able to decode information that we need.”

(The guardian takes down three warstats and A heroic warstat eother all on mars or on different planets.) As the guardian gets the information the Bray sisters get to decoding their new information as quick as possible (Some more Lore cards possibly) As the guardian goes the constantly come over the coms.

“So Rasputin sent a group of Exo’s off to neptune. That’s the information I already know. They left on their own Exodus ship. Interesting. I didn’t know that.” So some of the Exo’s he sent off have since traveled the system. He’s masked their trails but now that we know they’ve been among us.” 

“This is unsettling.” Ana cut in. “Their movement comes straight from the planet but our only way in is from Proteus according to Elsie. Our ships can’t go through Neptune’s Atmosphere.” 

“Guess where you’re headed Guardian.” 

“Proteus” The ghost said and the guardian shook their head.

Mission  2 The entrance to Neptune: 

“Good to see that you’ve made it there.” Elise cut in as the guardian landed. Now I can walk you through this because I made it to the gate room but no farther because I had something else to attend to.” The guardian listened as they started their descent into the old vex construct. 

“The Vex. They’re different.” Ghost said in wonder as they took notice that they were modified with exo technology. 

“Yes they are. You’re going to be coming up on a large door. Scan your ghost in.” The guardian noticed that the door also had plates that needed to be activated. They activate the plates and scan the ghost in at the same time to continue

(more dialogue pertaining to the rooms and such)

“We see the gate Elsie!” ghost exclaimed. A boss battle ensued. They made it through The gate and onto neptune.   The guardian looked around in awe. Everything had a blue hue to it. The gaseous lakes were vented into the atmosphere by odd tubes that were a mix of Exo and Vex technologies. A forcefield sat below that and kept the gas from coming back down to the planet. There was plantlife and small creatures. The guardian could see that there was an Exo city in the distance, a large tower on each side of it with other square and sterile looking buildings throughout that varied in height. Behind them was a mountain range and expansive highlands to either side. There were spots that showed previous settlement and on the side of the mountain there was a husk of an old ship that had long been stripped clean by the Exo’s. 

“Hey Guardian. We can talk about what it looks like once I get there.” her voice came over with lots of interference from the atmosphere and force fields

Adventure 1: Set up the transmat area for Elsie. She had followed you in an old ship and doesn’t care about leaving it in space.

“Okay. Do you see anything that could make a good signal for me?” The ghost looked at the ship. 

“Possibly, Give us a moment.” They went over to the ship, killed a few Modified enemies and scanned the ship. “There’s nothing left here but.” The ghost trailed off as they tracked signatures of golden age tech from the ship over to a cave. “The cave used to have a blast door from the ship!” Ghost exclaimed and they went deeper in. The cave was full of modified Vex but the remains of what the Exo’s had built inside of the cave were very old. After they cleared out the cave (Lost sector one). They found a piece of the ship’s brain. “Elsie, the ship’s brain is intact. Perfect for you to connect to.” 

“Let’s get to a  decent place to set this up.” The guardian said and they left the cave. From where they were they could see a trail that led up into the mountain and took it. It all started to widen out. There were a few modified enemies here and there but once they got to where the trail widened out something rustled in the underbrush. An exo bear like creature came from the underbrush, it was huge. Its body clicked and made other exo noises as it moved. The plates on its back stood up slightly as it was threatened by the guardian. 

“I have no Idea what that is.” Ghost said quickly. The guardian watched it carefully as the exo bear’s mouth whirred open and within it was a Vex like Laser that lit up as it came to life. It charged and fired. The Beam cut down trees on the side of the trail as the guardian rolled away from it. The bear charged its laser again and the guardian placed a few rounds into the laser, got around the Exo, as they fought the guardian managed to throw a grenade under the Exo bear and fire off a few more shots into its side. The grenade blew and sent the bear into the side of a tree. A branch went through its side and life faded from it. “I don’t like those things.” Ghost said “We can probably use some of its tech to help get a signal to Elsie.” 

The guardian nodded and dragged the bear’s body into the open outcrop area that was ahead of them. It has a beautiful view onto one of the gaseous lakes and the ghost set to work setting up for Elsie to come down. “It’s set up Elsie.” Ghost said

Elise transmated in and looked around, she was also in awe.

3rd Mission:

“Oh, wow.” She said as she looked at the surroundings, she could see the city in the distance  but if she turned the main thing was the massive gaseous lake. “Okay so I’m setting up camp here for us. I want you to take out some more of those Exo bears if you get the chance. They’re very interesting.” She looked at the remains and pulled on its jaws. “Go out and collect some data please.” The guardian nodded and went on their way back down the trail. Elise’s voice comes over the coms “Try and keep their memory banks intact please. I know how you can get overzealous sometimes.” The guardian kills 15 of each of the modified enemies while being careful to not destroy their memory banks and brings them back to Elsie who in the guardians time away had set up a table and a chair. 

“Here’s the memory banks all intact as you wanted.” The guardian placed them down on the table. She and the ghost pour over them until finally Elsie taps her metal finger on the table.

“Ah here we go. There’s a few signal towers built in the landscape. They each emit a different signal that brings down the different races. That is the last thing they remember before waking up and that’s usually all they remember.” She looked up at the guardian. “Time to go find those signal towers and cause some chaos.” She said

The guardian found the first tower it was protected by a few Exo turrets and some modified enemy races. After defeating the defenses the guardian had their ghost scan in and the ghost darted around it as he got the information he needed

“This one is putting off a Vex signal. It’s connected underground to two others which are connected to a control room in the city. Let me.” The ghost paused as it continued to work, there was a resounding sound inside of it as it turned on. “I sent back the electrical pulses to turn it on indefinitely.” If the ghost could smile he would. “Let’s hit the other two.” The guardian and the ghost go to the other two instalations. As they went from one to the next they saw ships come through the atmosphere from the other races and start to fight the exo modified versions of themselves and others. 

“That should throw them off their trail. Head towards the city” Elsie said. “I’m, picking up a lot of chatter. I believe that they are distracted.” The guardian started on their way to the exo city. 

As soon as the guardian set foot in the city they were noticed and an elite team of exo’s came down around them. They make the guardian surrender and put a black bag over their head. 

Inside of the exo’s council chamber where the three rulers met and made their decisions was grand, in a very mechanical manner, There was a lot of silver and white metal. There were also exposed gears yet everything looked regal. 

“They’re bringing the guardian to us.” the titan Exo said who was the obvious leader

“I wonder which one it is.”  The female hunter Exo said with slight wonder in her tone.

“Probably some outcast, Jesibal-2, why would the vanguard send a guardian to attack us?” 

“I don’t know. Tajin, maybe one of our scouts that you trained gave up our plan?” She said with an attitude. She had wanted to be the trainer of the scouts. 

“Both of you stop bickering. For some reason a guardian is here. Let’s find out.” The leader said as the doors opened. They put the guardian down onto their knees in front of the three Exo leaders and took off the bag. “Hello Guardian.” The leader said, “If you would please remove their helmet. The exo team took off the Guardians helmet and the three of them stared.

“Bombardier. It’s THE guardian.”  Jesibal-2 said in a whisper. His eyes closed briefly before he looked back at the guardian.

“So what is the Vanguards best guardian, the slayer of Ghaul, helped to save the majority of the city, AND you brought back saint-14 from being lost. One of your best friends was Cayde-6, you hunted down all of those who caused his death and yet you are here causing havoc for his kind. What is going on with the Vanguard anyways. Letting Exo’s be reset so many times and failing to keep up on parts to where some fall into disrepair. We know that you mistreat your other machines too.” Bombardier said “You know that it was one of your sweeper bots that let the red legion in. Don’t you?” He asked. “What I am giving you is a chance to go back to earth and make sure that the human race learns from their mistakes. Maybe then you will be spared from your demise.” He shook his head and motioned for the Exo’s to take the guardian away. They lead the guardian through the city to a hanger, on the way they passed a very large building with a lot of machinery noise inside of it. The guardian was drawn to that but they were told to keep their head forwards and they were put into a cramped ship. The ship was launched into the atmosphere and then made it out of the gravitational field to head towards earth. The ship didn’t make it very far and the guardian sent out a distress signal that Amanda holiday picked up. She transmatted the guardian in and hooked onto the ship the exo’s had sent the guardian out on to tow it back to the tower.

4th Mission:

Amanda looked at the ship that now hung from the scaffolding in the hanger. 

“This could be quite useful,” She said. “It didn’t malfunction on its way through the atmosphere did it?

“No, everything stayed on when I went through the atmosphere.” The guardian said. 

“Amazing.” She said as she looked at the ship. “It’s mostly golden age tech. Give me some time to get things going but I believe I can figure out what kept it going and how to replicate it.” She paused as she looked at the ship. “Please go collect some extra golden age tech for me just in case.” The guardian went to get these parts in lost sectors on the moon, EDZ, and Mars. When they dropped those pieces off with Amanda she had come up with the last thing needed. “I need you to make a visit to failsafe. She has some coding that I will need.” 

“The captain is back, Oh yay.” Failsafe said. Ghost definitely seemed frustrated with her as he usually got. “What can I help you with? You know. If I haveeee to.” 

“We need some golden age code from your systems failsafe.” ghost said. “Ones that were for your navigation and atmospheric re-entry.”  

“Uh oh. That I can’t do. They’re on the back half of me, “she said. “Hopefully the fallen haven’t ruined that.” 

“We’ll get going then and see what we can find.” The guardian fought their way through a bunch of fallen and then they finally get the codes. As ghost finished copying all the data he needed rounds ricocheted off the wall next to the guardian. The guardian turned and fired off a few shots themselves and were surprised to see an unknown Exo that must have followed them. The Guardian pushed the Exo back and once outside the guardian notes that they are in fact surrounded. There were fully Exo Fallen, and Exo Vex snipers. The guardian had to bounce around in cover to kill all of the enemies but the Exo proved to be difficult. As the Exo was hurt he pressed a button and a walker burst from what looked to be wreckage of failsafe. As it charged up a massive laser a rocket came down from the sky courtesy of failsafe and blew it to bits. 

“You’re welcome guardian- Please say thank you.” She said and ghost expressed his thanks as the guardian fought the Exo. They capture the Exo and bring it back to the tower after a goodbye to failsafe. 

The exo’s face was dented and his jaw was off alignment after his fight with the guardian.

“Ah the vanguard.” He said sarcastically. “The saviors of the human race.” Zavala and Ikoura exchanged angry glances before they turned to the guardian. 

“Explain all of this.” Ikoura said as she shut the door to the room they were keeping the Exo in. Ghost bobbed around before he launched into the story.

“The exo stranger is Elsie Bray, she came back to our time to warn us that there were Exo’s on Neptune that were planning to take over the universe. It turns out that Rasputin sent them there before the fall but lost contact with them and they are making modified Exo versions of Cabal, Vex, and Fallen.”

“Oh no.” Zavala said. “That is not good. I take it you are well on your way of getting it taken care of?” He asked and the guardian nodded. Ikoura opened the door and stepped in. 

“So. Why do you have disdain for us?” She asked

“Because, you guardians are like the humans of the past. You think everything is made for you and you use it all up. There’s a reason Exo’s were created. To be better than you. Yet you treat us like we are trash.” If he could have spat he would have. “Cayde-6 deserved to die for siding with you filthy guardians. Our Armies will overwhelm you. The last thing you see will be Exo.” Ikoura’s jaw dropped as the Exo’s insides ground to a halt and his eyes went dark as he rocked his chair sideways. As his body slammed to the ground the body plating fell away and all of his inner workings bounced across the floor. Ikoura clamped her mouth shut to keep from crying. Zavala put a hand on her shoulder for comfort.

“You said amanda was working on a way to get you back to neptune? Go. put a stop to them.” 

Amanda fit the guardian’s ship with new tech to get them to neptune. 

“Don’t have too much fun without me. I’m making more of these so help won’t be far behind if you need it. But you won’t if I know you.” She saluted the guardian as their ship took off from the hanger.

(Neptune is now available to fly to)

Adventure 2:

“Glad you made it back and I see that your ship didn’t crash. Looks like your time away was beneficial. Elsie said “I’ve laid low. She looked towards the city. “There’s three caves that have Exo modified signatures. I think you should check those out.” Two are at opposite ends both are away from the city, one was fallen and the other was cabal. The one on the outskirts was a Vex lost sector. The guardian battled their way through it and found at the end the rocks looked like they were blown apart. The guardian ventured inside only to find themself in what was a factory. As they rounded a corner they saw that it was in fact a massive factory just producing Exo Vex. 

“We need to tell Elsie.” Ghost said

Bombardier looked between Tajin and Jesibal-2. He had just ran his metal finger over the screen that showed the guardian walk through one of the lower levels in the Vex factory. 

“It seems we have a problem. Doesn’t it.” He was angry. “We should have killed the guardian. No one would have been the wiser to our plan then. Now we need to worry about others coming here.” 

“So what is the plan from here?” Jesibal-2 asked as she looked over the screens. Tajin frowned.

“Well we are only at a quarter of what we projected for the army that we wanted to amass to take over the galaxy.” He said the numbers were still immense.

“It’s time to expedite the plan then. Now that they know we are coming for them with an army.”

Mission 5:

“It seems as though there are three factories.” Elsie sighed. “I dug further into the data that you collected and the three arrays that give off signals lead further into the Exo mainframe and from the Completely Exo parts you’ve gathered have pinpointed each one and their location. What needs to be done is to go through each of these and shut them down. The guardian went through all three factories. As they left through the entrance of the third the guardian was confronted by all three of the Exo council. Bombardier shook his head in disappointment.

“We gave you the chance to leave guardian! You could have been spared!” He shouted. The three of them pulled out their weapons of choice and aimed it at the guardian. “And now it is time for you and your ghost to pay!” A sniper shot rang out from one of the nearby buildings and Bombardier dropped to the ground faster than a rock. Tajin and Jesibal-2 looked around, their eyes darted as their heat vision turned on. Elsie appeared next to the guardian. 

“Now that it’s even.” She said and pulled her pulse rifle from under her cloak. A battle ensued, Elsie’s throwing knife left a burnt cut through the metal on Tajin’s arm and the two Exo’s backed off as they got Bobmbadiers body from cover to cover until he was finally safe. Elsie and The guardian let them go. 

Tajin and Jesibal-2 watched as the doctor Exo worked. He pulled the undamaged function cip from Bombardiers head. 

“That was extremely close.” He paused “A millimeter closer and Bombardier as you know him would have been lost.” The bullet had blown out the back plate of bombardier’s head and the doctor had a new one set and ready, it was a different color to show what he had been through and survived. They reset the leader and he looked around after his head had been fixed. 

“The guardian needs to pay. So does the vanguard.” Bombardier-2 said angrily. He stalked out of the hospital room. In his apartment there was a room that was completely dark. He took his necklace off and put it on a glowing square rock. As he placed it down the glow dimmed to put off an almost gray color. The bone that was the decorative piece of the necklace looked ominous in the dull gleam and Bombardier-2 closed his eyes. “What do I do next?” He asked as he meditated. There seemed to be something in the darkness that whispered to him. 

Mission Six: 

“Now that they’re taken care of for the time being.” Elsie started. “There are two control towers. One of them controls the modified races while the other controls the full Exo versions.” She looked up quickly as there was the sound of a large Exodus derived ship as it went through the atmosphere. “They’re started to move. We need to take those towers out.” More ships started to leave the planet as they talked. “The modified tower has less defenses. Take that one out and perhaps we can use their own creations against them to take out the more fortified one.” The guardian nodded and took their Sparrow to the city. Once through the first tower the guardian faced a set of modified bosses and then ghost scanned into the tower. He went through the Exo programing and turned the modified enemies to their side. 

“What do you mean we’ve lost control of the modifieds?” Bombardier-2 was exasperated.  They watched as a ship fell out of the sky as the Modifieds rioted against the full Exo. They heard over the communication system 

“Quick move to the next one.” From Elsie. Bombardier-2 knew that was the voice that had caused him to be reset.

Mission Seven:

The guardian quickly moved to the next tower. They took care of the defenses with help of some of the modified enemies. As the guardian continued upwards, Elsie’s voice cut in. 

“Quickly now! The Exo’s are moving through the streets towards the council building!” The guardian made it to the top and scanned in, the Exo enemies halted. “Good job guardian!” She said. The guardians feeling of victory was cut short as they were drawn to look at the massive ship that had been in the process of boarding from the council building. 

Jesibal-2 looked at the tower from the deck of their ship. 

“May I have the honors?” She asked and Bombardier-2 nodded. She pressed a button and the massive gun on the bottom of the ship swiveled and shot a laser that went straight for the second tower. The guardian watched in horror as the laser ripped through the side of the building at an angle. The guardian fell in the rubble as the whole top of the building fell into the street below. 

Elsie watched as the ghost returned the guardian to the living world. She and the modifieds had created a barrier so the ghost could bring the guardian back with no chances of being destroyed. The exo enemies had started moving again. 

Mission Eight:

The guardian, Elsie and the modifieds battle through the streets up to the Council building. Once inside the building on each floor there was an Exo warrior that stood between them and the next floor. (miniboss fights) there are tons of exo tech traps, turrets and enemies. Once they reached the roof they came face to face with Jesibal-2 and Tajin. Bombardier-2 had sent them down to stop the guardian and Elsie before they could reboard the ship. Bombardier-2 watched as the fight unfolded. His two companions would not let the guardian or their friend reach the boarding portion. Elsie ended up in hand to hand combat with Tajin. Tajin went to kick her but she spun and brought his leg down hard onto her knee, his leg broke to pieces and as he stumbled towards the edge she pulled out her knife and threw it He threw himself off the building just in time for it to miss his head. The guardian was pushing Jessibal closer to the boarding spot and she was losing but Bombardier-2 wasn’t going to let his plan be foiled. He fired the laser, it cut between the guardian and Jesibal-2 and farther down the back of the building. As the laser cut through the building the ship took off. The guardian and Elsie watched as the ship shot a laser through the tower for the modifieds which put them under their own control. 

“That did not turn out the right way.” The ghost said. The guardian pulled the Ace of spades from their side and shot one of the Modifieds that had previously been helping them in the chest and it flew off the side of the building into the rubble below. There was no trace of either Jesibal-2 or Tajin. 


The guardian returned to the Vanguard to tell them that Bombardier-2 had gotten away. Neptune’s Vex shouldn’t be a threat anymore but that should watch the skies. 

“I’m glad you put a stop to their main force through guardian. I’m sure we will have to send other teams to continually clean it up and monitor what’s going on there but we can’t thank you enough.” Zavala said. Little did they know that Bombardier-2’s ship was headed directly for the darkness. The Pyramid ships.

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