Knightly Occurrence

This is just the intro to a little Idea that I had!

Page 1, Four Panels

Panel one: – wide panel

Inside of a semi crowded bar, a group of five friends sit around a table, drinks in their hands, a deck of cards strewn about on the table as though they were playing a game. A clock on the back wall showed that it was a minute or so from midnight.

Andrew: “So Helen, it was your turn to tell us a story.”

Helen: “Oh damn. What was the theme?”

Panel two: – wide panel

Helen has her glass to her mouth drinking while Andrew has a thoughtful look on his face

Andrew: “Well, I think it’s time we actually changed themes.” 

Carter: “Changing themes?!”

Travis: “We were on futuristic stuff for the past five weeks.”

Carter: “But I had something planned for my next go!” 

Andrew: “Well maybe you can combine them.”

Panel three: – large panel

Helen puts her glass down loudly and the others look at her. 


Helen: “Knights. How about knights?” 

Daina: “You could definitely combine futuristic and knights as a theme.” 

Andrew: “Oh I like Knights. We can do a lot with that.” 

Panel four: – large panel

The bartender is cleaning a glass as he looks over at their table. Carter is moving the cards on the table.

SFX: “Squeckkkkk” 

Bartender: “Another scuffed DND story telling huh? 

Helen: “Hey! It’s not scuffed.”

Andrew: “It is kinda scuffed sometimes.” 

Carter: “And it is nearly DND”

Page 2, Two panels

Panel One: – wide panel across

The bartender sets the cup he was cleaning down, the clock is seconds away from hitting midnight. Helen has her glass up excitedly.

Bartender: “Nearly midnight. Helen, I better hear some good stuff from you.” 

Helen: “You will not be disappointed, barkeep!”

Bartender: “Oh no, she’s already started” 

Panel two: (The rest of the page)

The clock is at midnight, but it’s twisted like a portal to another world. Some green is towards the center along with some grey.

Narration: “And so the story begins, Helen’s own spun creation at midnight on this fine evening.”

Page 3, two panels

Panel one: – takes up the whole page

The scene is now that of feudal Europe, rolling hills with forests in the distance (Probably pine), but a castle surrounded by a large town and big walls is closer in view. A group of five knights sit atop their horses

Panel two: – Small panel in the corner

One of the Knights presses their dull spiked heel into the horses side 

SFX: Kshsh

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